WebVolution approaches its business from a little different perspective than most other internet marketing companies. Because our principals come from business backgrounds and decades of battle-tested experience, rather than newly minted computer, advertising or copywriting backgrounds, we know that marketing and advertising serve only one purpose - to present a client's products and image in such a way as to increase the number of qualified prospects available to the client.  

Most of our clients are small business owners. Whether they build tangible products or provide services, each client is  proud of their capabilities and their business and we are proud to work with them because they are always open to new ideas to help them succeed.

Our goal for each client is to help them achieve a dominate internet footprint in their market area.



WebVolution focuses it business on three broad categories of internet related services: website design and develop; search engine optimization (SEO); and seach engine marketing (SEM). While each is independant of the others, the most cohesive and effective marketing efforts are achieved by combining all three. About half of our clients (those with existing functional websites deevelped by other designers) come to us for our expertise in improving their internet footprint and have engaged us to develop a strategy for SEO and or SEM.

Web Site Development 

WebVolution approaches each website design with a goal of presenting our client in the most advantageous and professional position relative to its competition. And we listen to our clients and give them the "look" that they feel comfortable with. We work successfully with many of our clients by email and phone so being local is not a requirement to acheive a truly great result.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Isn't one of the key benefits of a website having people find your business that don't already know about it? If all of your visitors are finding your site by keying your business name in the search box you are not growing your business. At WebVolution we can help resolve that problem so your company can start growing its revenue. We measure our success with high rankings on Google, the "gold standard" of search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Due to the level of competition it can seem like your company's internet presence is non-existent. Local SEO can help solve that problem; but the fact is, no website gains high page one placement for all relevent searches. Therefore, Search Engine Marketing can be a great compliment to SEO.  We use Google AdWords and have a very successful track record for gaining new customers for our clients.


Website Development

     “We were looking for a web designer who could quickly accomodate our needs for a new website.  We spoke with several companies but quickly settled on WebVolution as they immediately impressed us with their organization and desire to accommodate our timetable.  Within two weeks of starting the project we had a final product. We did everything by phone and email - amazing! And they met our every requirement.”
J.P., New Orleans, LA
Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)

     "We assumed having a new, up-to-date website automatically meant that potential customers searching the internet could easily find us. The whole idea of SEO was confusing to us. Our  web developer said that our site was "optimized for SEO", but it didn't rank high on Google for relevant searches for my used car inventory. 
     "WebVolution provided us with an analysis of our internet footprint and developed custom programming that gained us annual website visitor growth of over 20 percent in the first year and significantly greater numbers of visitors looking for our specific inventory!”
D. M. , Minneapolis, MN
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    "When we first met with WebVolution, I told them that we needed to grow our plumbing service call business. They developed us a new website, Google My Business listing and a Google AdWords campaign designed to increased phone calls to our office during buisness hours. "Ever since the campaign has been running we are gaining several new service calls daily. This has been a fantastic boost to our revenue stream.“
M.G., Hattiesburg, MS

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